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Invited Speaker

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Joachim Maier 

Max -Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Gemany

Materials optimization for solid state ionics: What are the adjusting screws for tuning materials for electrochemical storage?  

Eugene Kotomin

University of Latvia,  

Max -Planck Institute for Solid State Research,  Germany

First principles calculations of oxygen vacancy formation and migration in mixed conducting ABO3-type perovskites for solid oxide fuel cell applications Yu.Mastrikov, M.M.Kuklja, R.Merkle, J.Maier

Robert A. Evarestov

St.Petersburg University, Russia

LCAO calculation of water adsorption on (001) surface of Y-doped BaZrO3 A.Bandura, D.Kuruch

Bernard A. Boukamp

University of Twente, Netherlands

Parametric and non-parametric impedance analysis in solid state ionics: a comparison  

Yoed Tsur

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Harnessing evolutionary programming for impedance spectroscopy analysis S.Hershkovitz, S.Baltianski

Ilan Riess, 

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

New experimental techniques for characterizing electrodes in SOFCs J.Rutman

Antanas F. Orliukas

Vilnius University, Lithuania

XPS and impedance spectroscopy of some oxygen vacancy conducting solid electrolyte ceramics  

Franciszek Krok

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Influence of defect structure on electrical properties of electrolytes in the system Bi2O3-Nb2O5-M2O3 (M = RE)
M.Leszczynska, A.Kozanecka-Szmigiel, A.Borowska-Centkowska, W.Wrobel, M.Malys, M.Holdynski, M.Struzik, J.R.Dygas, I.Abrahams, X.Liu, S.Hull


Isaac Abrahams

Queen Mary University, UK

Defect structure in bismuth oxide based fluorites using total neutron scattering X.Liu, F.Krok, S.Hull, S.Norberg

Stephen Hull

Rutherford Appleton Lab., UK

Neutron diffraction studies of SOFC materials S.Norberg

Yury Dobrovolsky

Instutute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russia

The low-temperature proton conducting materials: from crystalline electrolytes to the polymeric proton-exchange membranes  

Odile Bohnke

Université du Maine, France

Proton/lithium exchange property of Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 in water and in humid atmosphere Q.N.Pham, A.Boulant

Klaus Funke

University of Münster, Germany

New nearly constant loss feature detected in glass at low temperatures D.M.Laughman, R.D.Banhatti

Andris Zicmanis

University of Latvia

Ionic liquids - promising materials with miscellaneous applications S.Pavlovica, E.Gzibovska

Christian M. Julien

Universite Pierer et Marie Curie, France

Nano-sized materials for positive electrodes of Li-ion batteries A.Mauger