18.30 - 20.00   POSTER SESSION II  

Chairpersons: V. Vikhrenko, A. Kuzmin



T. K. Pietrzak, L.Wewiór, J.E.Garbarczyk, M.Wasiucionek, I.Gorzkowska, J.L.Nowiński, S.Gierlotka Electrical properties and thermal stability of FePO4 glasses and nanomaterials


J.L. Nowiński, W. Ślubowska, J.E. Garbarczyk, M. Wasiucionek Electrical properties of two-component all-glass ion conductors


A. Lysova, I. Ponomarev, A. Yaroslavtsev Composite materials PBI /inorganic oxides


O.V. Kibalnikova Ionic association and solvatation gases, sorption a composite material on the basis of firm polymeric electrolyte


A. Podjava, P. Mekss, A. Zicmanis Liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry of zwitterionic liquids


K. Klavins, P. Mekss, I. Nakurte, A. Zicmanis Electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry analysis of imidazolium based zwitterionic liquids


J. Katkevics, A. Zicmanis, A. Viksna, G. Vaivars Characterization of ionic liquid - 1-ethyl-3-methylmidazolium methanesulfonate (ECOENGTM 110) by electrical impedance spectroscopy


I. Baiža, J. Katkēvičs, G. Vaivars, A. Vīksna Ethylammonium formiates and acetates as ionic liquids for application in solid ionic devices


L. Frolova, Yu. Dobrovolsky Electrocatalytic activity of Pt supported on SnO2-SbOx nanoparticles for alcohol fuel cells


T. Zyubina, A. Zyubin, Yu. Dobrovolsky, V. Volokchov, Z. Bozhanova Modeling of spillover-effect on SnO2-supported platinum


A. Zyubin, T. Zyubina, Yu. Dobrovolsky, V. Volokchov, Z. Bazhanova Molecular hydrogen adsorption on crystal platinum surfaces: quantum chemical modeling


A. Arsatov, L. Leonova, A. Levchenko, Yu. Dobrovolsky Nanosize catalysts of electrochemical hydrogen sensors and PEFC


A. Levchenko, A. Ukshe, A. Fedotova Investigation of the reactions kinetics in solid-state sensors


A. Chikin, A. Ukshe, Yu. Dobrovolsky Proton conductivity and exchange currents in the system with hetero(poly)acid in poly(vinyl)alcohol matrix


M. Kopeć, J.R. Dygas, F. Krok, K. Zaghib, C.M. Julien LiMn2O4 and Lifepo4 synthesized by wet chemistry – suitable cathode materials for Li - ion batteries


M. Michalska, M. Aksienionek, M. Mirkowska, L. Lipińska, M. Wasiucionek, R. Diduszko, M. Kopcewicz Sol-gel synthesis of Lifepo4 cathode materials and studies on their structure and selected physical properties


M. Aksienionek, M. Michalska, M. Mirkowska, L. Lipińska, M. Wasiucionek, R. Diduszko, M. Kopcewicz Preparation of Lifepo4 composites with carbon by a solid state reaction and studies on their structure and physical properties


G. Kucinskis, G. Bajars, J. Kleperis, A. Lusis, J. Smits Kinetic characteristics of Lifepo4/C thin films


Yu. G. Mateyshina, A. S. Ulihin, N. F. Uvarov Electrochemical behavior of all-solid-state cell with nanocomposite solid electrolyte LiClO4-MgO


A.M. Mikhailova, N.V. Arkhipova, A.G. Tkachev Litium intercalation into carbon nanotube arrays


S.A. Novikova, A.B. Yaroslavtsev Preparation and characterization of transport properties of membranes with metallic and bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles incorporated


A.D. Zolotarenko, D.V. Schur, A.D. Zaginaichenko, V.M. Adejev, A.V. Kotko Deposition of catalyst-containing carbon nanostructures on proton-conducting polymer membranes by electrophoresis


M. Ahmed, T.E. Keyes, J. A. Byrne, P.S. Dunlop Effect of silver doped TiO2 thin films on the adsorption of human serum albumin ( HAS )


A.M. Mikhailova, O.V. Fedotova, D.O. Mikhailov New electrochromic materials


A.M. Mikhailova, D.E. Mikhailov Research of the solid state electrochemical systems with the distributed electrodes on basis of the organic semiconductor for supercapacitors


J. Kleperis, L. Grinberga, A. Lusis Energy storage solutions using hydrogen insertion compounds


L. Grinberga, E. Rancans, J. Kleperis An impact of grain size on the rate of hydrogen sorption in LaNi5


M. Vanags, G. Bajars, J. Kleperis, A. Lusis Peculiarities of short pulse water electrolysis: Ion transport and discharge at electrodes


E.F. Abdrashitov, V.Ch. Bokun, Yu.A. Dobrovolsky, D.A. Kritskaya, E.A. Sanginov, A.N. Ponomarev Modification of the proton conducting membranes of MF-4SK with a carbon phase by gamma-initiated graft polymerization of vinyliden chloride


M. Molenda, K. Furczoń, A. Kochanowski, S. Zapotoczny, B. Dudek, R. Dziembaj Application of gelcasting process in ceria membranes formation


A. Brandão, I. Antunes, J.R. Frade, D.P. Fagg Role of slight composition changes and powder processing on heterogeneities and CO2 tolerance of barium zirconate


M. Barré, A. Boulant, T. Salkus, O. Bohnke LLTO nanopowders synthesized by complex polymerizable method


J.L. Nowiński,  P. Grabowski, J.E. Garbarczyk,  M. Wasiucionek Influence of the process variables on mechanosynthesis of AgI-Ag2O-WO3 system

67. L. Khotseng,  S. Pasupathi, N. Valisi , T. Ramulifho, V. Linkov Electrochemical characterization of platinum based cathode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell