SESSION I: Experimental and theoretical aspects of fast ionic transport in the solids


Chairpersons:  I. Abrahams, A. Lusis

  9.30 - 10.00

J. Maier Materials optimization for solid state ionics: What are the adjusting screws for tuning materials for electrochemical storage? (Invited)

10.00 - 10.30

K. Funke, D.M. Laughman, R.D. Banhatti New nearly constant loss feature detected in glass at low temperatures (Invited)

10.30 - 11.00

I. Riess, J. Rutman New experimental techniques for characterizing electrodes in SOFCS (Invited)

11.00 - 11.15

G. Bokun, R. Lasovsky, V. Vikhrenko Phase transition kinetics in intercalation compounds

11.15 - 11.30

I.Yu. Gotlib, A.K. Ivanov-Schitz, I.V. Murin, A.V. Petrov, R.M. Zakalyukin Computer simulation of ionic transport in silver iodide within carbon nanotubes



11.30 - 12.00

Coffee break


Chairpersons: J. Maier, A.K. Ivanov-Shitz

12.00 - 12.25

E. A. Kotomin, Yu. Mastrikov, M.M. Kuklja, R. Merkle, J. Maier First principles calculations of oxygen vacancy formation and migration in mixed conducting ABO3-type perovskites for solid oxide fuel cell applications (Invited)

12.25 - 12.45

R. Evarestov, A. Bandura, D. Kuruch LCAO calculation of water adsorption on (001) surface of Y-doped BaZrO3 (Invited)

12.45 - 13.00

A. Kuzmin, V. Efimov, E. Efimova, V. Sikolenko, P. Sakura, I.O. Troyanchuk Interpretation of the Co K-edge EXAFS in LaCoO3 using molecular dynamics simulations