SESSION V: Applications


Chairpersons: Yu. Dobrovolsky, J. Kleperis


C. Julien, M. Kopec, A. Mauger, F. Gendron, K. Zaghib Nano-sized materials for positive electrodes of Li-ion batteries (Invited)


M. Molenda, R. Dziembaj, M. Drozdek, B. Dudek Morphology and electrical conductivity of carbon electrode composites prepared from polymer precursors


G. Bajars, J. Kleperis, G. Kucinskis, J. Smits, G. Chikvaidze Physical and electrochemical properties of LiFePO4/C thin films deposited by DC and RF magnetron sputtering


A. Mauger, F. Gendron, C. Julien Magnetic analysis of lamellar oxides for Li-ion batteries


V. Volkov Ionic transport mechanism in cation-exchange membranes studied by NMR technique


E. Safronova, A. Yaroslavtsev, V. Volkov Ion mobility and conductivity of hybrid ion-exchange membranes incorporating inorganic nanoparticles



D. Skladnev The purple membranes Halobacterium salinarum are flanked on ATP- ASE complexes


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Chairpersons: C. Julien, A. Dindune

11.30 - 11.50

A.Lusis, G.Bajars,  J.Gabrusenoks,  E.Pentjuss, L.Petersone Nickel coatings on glass fabrics for applications in electrochemical devices

11.50 - 12.10

K.-Z. Fung, T.-Y. Chen Cathode-supported SOFC using a highly conductive lanthanum aluminate-based electrolyte

12.10 - 12.30

B. Zhu Innovative low temperature (300-600oC) solid oxide fuel cell technology using functional nanocomposites

12.30 - 12.45

G. Abbas, M.A. Chaudhry, R. Raza, B. Zhu Electrochemical investigation of nanocomposite mixed metal oxide anode for LTSOFC

12.45 - 13.00

L. Wang, R. Merkle, J. Maier Kinetics and mechanism of oxygen incorporation into (Ba,Sr)(Co,Fe)O3-d mixed conducting SOFC cathodes